How do I remove zsh from konsole?

Preface: First of all, I read posting rules, but I’m bad at English (notice to moderators and admins) as I’ve been frequenting forums since 1995.

Now to the problem, I don’t like or need ‘zsh’ and I came here looking for how to remove it from my konsole and with that, I found the below mentioned thread:

However, the tip does not work for the Plasma Desktop environment, and so that I have a terminal without ‘zsh’ in the plasma, I made the change in:

kate /usr/share/konsole/Breath.profile

Leaving it like this:



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Hi @Creto,

Apparently I was mistaken, see @linux-aarhus's comment below.

I’m thinking best would be to uninstall it:

pamac remove zsh

I’m thinking that’ll remove all dependencies, as well

And make sure none of the profiles use zsh:

Reboot and see if it worked!

This will be overwritten without warning.

You cannot remove zsh due to a dependency of zsh by the manjaro-kde-settings package.

Open Konsole

→ Settings
→ Manage Profiles
→ create a new profile
→ set the shell to bash
→ tick the Default profile box
→ click OK

Close and re-open Konsole


Grateful @Mirdarthos!

Always one of the most requested since I came to these parts, you say that @linux-aarhus

What do you say?

Always apologizing for my bad English (translate google)

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I don’t have KDE at the moment, but I still can come up with a description on
how you can follow @linux-aarhus diagram, to edit/create a Konsole profile where the shell is bash:

  • open Konsole
  • type:
    LANG=C konsole and Enter
    This will open up another Konsole, but this time (hopefully) in englisch,
    so that you can follow the steps …

You can set bash as default in your terminal without removing zsh.

sudo usermod --shell /bin/bash [username]

not just in any terminal app
but in Konsole, like Manjaro has configured it, it’s not as easy as you say …

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As I told you above @Nachlese in Plasma the “hole is lower”


hããã? I’m Brazilian and you want me to use google translate even to read “my system”, very unfeasible too, don’t you think?

As already mentioned here, the solution came through the message from @linux-aarhus

Thank’s for all

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no, I don’t think that.

You did mention that?
If so, I simply misunderstood.
Because I was pointing you towards exactly that.

It seems to go both ways.
It seems we misunderstood each other.

(we are from opposite sides of the world, after all
so this is not too surprising)

T+ - which seems to mean: see you later

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So we are sorry for the misunderstandings of the different languages

Yes, (T+) see you soon, or as we say here in the state of Pará - Brazil “see you later”, here comes the sign +

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Wrong, thread asks about Konsole, which has its own settings for the shell, you need to set it there.

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This I didn’t know, thanks for clarifying.

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