How do I remove Android Studio?

Hi, how can I remove a program from GNOME completely? I did not succeed through the graphical interface, is it done from the terminal?

try with this:
sudo pacman -Rns package name
and manually delete its leftovers from home directory

I’m going to delete Android Studio, but when I write android-studio it says package not found

output from:
pacman -Qs android-studio

How did you install it?


Maybe you installed a snap o flatpak

I’d do paru android studio and then, from the list, see which is installed.

1 aur/android-studio 2021.2.1.15-1 (+1008 7.33)

No -this one, doesn’t have [Installed] after it, or I will type paru -Rnsuv android-studio to uninstall.

If it isn’t marked installed there, then check snaps (I think it’s snap list but I don’t do snaps, so I can’t check) and flatpaks (flatpak list).

In Pamac - the ‘add/remove’ from the menu - you shouldn’t be too specific.

Type android studio with no hypen.

Then you see the Flatpak, AUR, and anything else enabled all listed.

In the past I had downloaded Android Studio from the official website, manually unpacked and moved it in the /opt directory. Then I created a desktop app of Android Studio in ~/.local/share/applications/<app-name>.desktop
The installation of Android Studio is possible independent of any package managers e.g. pacman, AUR, flatpak etc.

But I just removed it manually, that’s not the package manager’s job.

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I have installed android studio with snap

I made a mistake in Android Studio and now I’m going to reinstall Android Studio, but with snap remove android-studio, the program is not deleted in general and with the data, and after reinstalling it uses the previous data, what should I do to completely Install first?

Configuration files/data in your $HOME directory will never be touched by any installation/deinstallation process.
If that is what you mean - you have to remove that yourself.

Have you contacted the snap maintainer about this?

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