How do i remove a plasma panel?

i added a panel on my 2nd monitor, now i want to remove it. Seems like it ought to be simple. But i haven’t found it so far. The several solutions i’ve found don’t seem to apply. (“About this system”.)

  1. Right-click an empty spot on the desktop.
  2. Choose Enter Edit Mode.
  3. Right-click the panel.
  4. Choose Panel Options (or a similar denomination).
  5. Choose Remove Panel.
  6. Right-click an empty spot on the desktop.
  7. Choose Exit Edit Mode (or a similar denomination).
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It (the words) might have been changed, but here’s how it’s done now:

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Thank you Aragorn! Once i got it, i think it was actually:

You know what? Forget all this noise!

I hope the KDE developers become even more “GNOME-inized” and outright take away our ability to remove or re-locate a panel! (But then introduce extensions to bring back this ability.) :blush:

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