How do I properly partition my new drive with manjaro install?

Sorry for the dumb noob question, I read a tutorial on here but am still unclear.
Have a fairly new laptop that has a 512gb ssd with win 11. I installed a new Samsung 2tb ssd in the empty slot next to it after removing the 1st ssd and then installed Gnome using a usb drive. All good and even got grub to work so I can decided which system to boot to.

I will leave the windows drive alone and just use the 2tb for Manjaro. I assume it formatted and partitioned correctly when I selected the standard install.
My question is I have a 315mb partition and 2 small 2mb ones. Is it wise to make a further partition to separate a space for all the files, music etc I will keep apart from the linux os? Or is it fine to just leave everything as is?
Finally Manjaro can see the 512gb drive that has windows on it, but win11 does not show the new 2tb drive in explorer. Normal?

Really? I doubt that the partitions are that small.

sudo parted -l

It is always a good idea to have a separate storage drive and only files which are temporary in use are in your home folder. Plus a backup drive.

That is normal, because windows can only read FAT and NTFS out of the box, while Linux can handle more. There are third-party drivers from Paragon which can actually read/write ext2/3/4 and only read xfs and btrfs. There also other free drivers, but they are not that good in my experience.

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