How do I prevent NetworkManager from loading a plugin?

How do I prevent NetworkManager from loading a plugin?

From journalctl:

Loaded device plugin: NMTeamFactory (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/
Loaded device plugin: NMWifiFactory (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/
Loaded device plugin: NMBluezManager (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/
Loaded device plugin: NMAtmManager (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/
Loaded device plugin: NMWwanFactory (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/
Loaded device plugin: NMOvsFactory (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/

I tried the below lines in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, restarted, rebooted, but it did not change anything.


Hello @stargazer :wink:

Just remove it… ?

Also check this dir:


Does that mean rm it :question: I typically never remove system files that way, but rather use the available features (hopefully they exist :slight_smile: ), like blacklist, exclude, disable, or override in $HOME.

In the man page, it shows using the syntax plugins-=remove-me, but the plugin was still loaded.

That won’t be a permanent solution: updates of the networkmanager package would bring those back unless NoExtract is configured in /etc/pacman.conf as well.

According to man NetworkManager.conf the available plugins values are keyfile, ifcfg-rh, ifupdown, ibft, no-ibft, ifcfg-suse and ifnet. Also

Settings plugins for reading and writing connection profiles.

So this won’t help you if I’m not mistaken.

No, remove the corresponding packages; i.e., networkmanager-openvpn. NEVER use rm in the system unless you know exactly what you’re doing. it’s read-only for a reason.

It looks like you’ve seen man 5 NetworkManager.conf … but I think the point may be that you want to override using your own conf file


You can also declare each one you want, separated by commas like,so and noting that they load in that order, with keyfile always being appended if not loaded earlier.

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pacman -Fx /usr/lib/NetworkManager/1.32.12-1/

The above shows the file is owned by the package networkmanager itself.

Actually, when I look at the plugins in the journal, I don’t need any of them.

I’m assuming what I see in the journal is the name that the NetworkManager is referring to NMTeamFactory, NMWifiFactory, NMBluezManager, etc.

I created a 50-plugins.conf in conf.d, with the contents shown below, but they were still loaded :frowning:
In the first message above I listed the messages in the journal that show “Loaded device plugin”. I expect to not see those message, thus plugins not loaded.


I also have a 50-unmanaged-devices.conf with:



I did read the man page, NetworkManager.conf, and googled :slight_smile: Lots of hits on loading, but not much on the other way around.

just for double-triple-checking … pump that number to 99 (99-plugins.conf) … never seen a system file with a higher number :wink: