How do I play TF2 with Manjaro?

I switched to Manjaro, knowing that the games i play are compatible with it either with proton or by being native to Linux.

As far as I know it TF2 is native to Linux, casual is supposed to work too with VAC. But then, I’ve been having lots of problems with it, with crashes (solved), VAC, and using mods (Masterconfig).

Please tell me everything I’m supposed to know to play TF2, I would come back to windows 10 to play it, but I want to fix this if posible.

Thanks for your time.

Download steam, open steam, download TF2, check protondb, make changes, press play in steam.

Pretty much it. I also had to add

prime-run %command%

to Properties->General->Launch options to get the automatic switching to Nividia GPU.

I did everything on Proton, the commands and the missing lib32 libraries.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Well, without more information from you, exact syntax you use for the game, what version of steam etc there is not much anybody can help with.

Team Fortress 2 is native … what does proton have to do with it ?

…oh, if the link is to be believed the native version was broken by recent updates?

@Led it might help if you tell us the exact errors you are encountering, as well as how steam was installed and/or what version…

pacman -Qs steam

It has to do with that it runs BETTER under proton, at least it seems like that looking at comments online, I don’t play it.

I do that with Valheim, runs way better under proton even though they have a native version.