How do I move the system tray?

I accidentally moved (I don’t know how) the entire system tray to the left side of my bar, together with all my app icons and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to move it back to the right corner where it belongs.


On the panel:

  • Right click > panel > panel preferences
  • Disable “lock panel”
  • Drag the handles that appear at the sides of the panel to the right side of the screen
  • Enable “lock panel”

I can’t see any system tray handles when I unlock it. The only handles that appear are the outer most left and right handles that move the entire bottom panel.

xfce places new icons to the right side of the task bar. If yours have moved to the left then you can move them with a right click, the appearing popup menu has a “move” option.

Wouldn’t you have removed an expanded separator, or disabled the expansion of a separator?

I very well may have.

No. It was something I did by mistake when trying to move an icon in the sysrem tray.

The way I do it is:

Right click somewhere on the panel -> Panel -> Panel Preferences… -> Items (tab)

The systray is “Notification Area.” Click on it, then click on the green down arrow button until you have it where you want it.

It’s already last in order of the items, but it however doesn’t sit in the right corner of the screen, at the end of the bar, but it sits to the left, right next to the last app launcher icon.

Add a Seperator to the panel and move it up the list above anything you want pushed to right side

click on the Edit button and enable Expand option to push Notification Area to right side of panel


This sounds like it should to the trick. I’ll try it when I get home, thanks.

That explains it. He’d lost the seperator.

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