How do I move a partition in GParted?

I have a screenshot, I need to add the unallocated 40GB into the 78GB partition (Manjaro Partition), how can I do that?

Every tutorial shows there being an “extended” section in GParted, and I don’t have it, so nothing makes sense

You can extend unallocated space to a partition located just to the left of this space.

So here, you could easily add all or a part of the 40 Gb to /dev/sda6.

Now, /dev/sda8 is located to the right of the space. As you are in your Manjaro session, you cannot modify anything on this partition (you can see the lock).

You have to go into a live-CD environment from a Manjaro iso on an USB key and perform the operations from there.

The idea is to move your Manjaro partition to the left, close to the 105 Gb partition.

WARNING 1: absolutely backup, backup and backup before. All your data will move to another allocated space within your disk, byte by byte. Any error, stop of the procedure before the end will ensue botched partition and unrecoverable data loss (some bits of your files will be at their original place, some other at the new one…)

WARNING 2: it will move your entire partition. It will take hours. Litteraly.

After that, your partition will be on the left, the unallocated space on the right. And then finally you’ll be able to expand your Manjaro partition with 40 more Gb.

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The long version:

Any manipulation of partitions comes at several risks depending on how partitions are located.

In your case you want to extend to the west - and this action has a high probability of leaving your Manjaro in a dysfunctional state.

When you attempt a resize like you are proposing - gparted will remove the existing partition and create a new partition then run a resize operation on the filesystem so it will recognize the added space.

That operation will change the UUID of your partition and render your system inoperable. Making it bootable may or may not succeed depending on your skill set.

If you feel at all intimidated - then don’t do it - of course if you are confident then you can boot a live ISO and dive in - just remember to adjust your system configuration accordingly - preferably before rebooting.

Thanks, I did it from a live-USB, and it took <20 mins.

Everything worked fine.

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