How do I mount NFS folder in another computer? How can I access the files with nemo?

I have setup a shared NFS folder as explained here. I would like to access this folder from another computer using nemo file manager.

The folder is in the server arch-desktop01 with IP in the location /srv/nfs/R.

server ❯ sudo cat /etc/fstab
/data/nfs/R /srv/nfs/R none bind 0 0

server ❯ sudo cat /etc/exports
/srv/nfs  ,sync,crossmnt,fsid=0)

server ❯ sudo systemctl enable --now nfs-server.service
client ❯ sudo systemctl enable --now

The name of the computer in the router was different than in hostname so that is a problem that I’ve had to fix. But even after fixing it I get an error when mounting:

client ❯ sudo mount -t nfs arch-desktop01:/R /data/nfs/R
mount.nfs: Failed to resolve server arch-desktop01: Name or service not known

Using the IP instead of the server name works though. But I don’t know how to do the same with nemo. Do I need to have it already mounted or can I browse the files from another computer without mounting?

You cannot browse the content of nfs shares without mounting.

A server must always have a static IP address as you use the IP address to specify the share to mount.

If you want to use hostname - you need to ensure the hostname is associated with the server IP - either by using a DNS service or using /etc/hosts on the client.

If you want to make sure the client is not hung on boot you need to ensure two units - one mount and the other automount as described in the second part of the mentioned article

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