How do I mount a usb drive on a Pinephone running Manjaro Phosh

I have a pinephone. It does not recognize any USB device and I have tried multiple USB drives, mice, keyboards etc. I have also tried multiple different distros, manjaro, debian pmOS. I currently have Manjaro Phosh installed on the EMMC. Can someone tell me how to mount a drive so the pinephone will recognize it?

while you have the dock connected and the usb stick to it, if you run from terminal:
lsblk -f
do you see it in the list like sda or sda1 or maybe different in your case ?
if yes, then the simplest way would be to use
udisksctl mount -b /dev/sda1
but did you used the Disks application and see if is listed there and mount it from there?

I have no problems to connect a mouse. What images have you used? Same problem on Plamo too for you?

Eventually install
pamac install usbutils
and then run
to see what is recognizing there

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Ok I’ll give that a shot. I have installed Gnome Disks and it does not show up there. I worry that it is a hardware issue but interestingly enough, when I plug it into my computer, it automatically starts using the phone as a hotspot.

Ive tried PmOS, Mobian, Manjaro Plasma, and currently on Manjaro Phosh.

I installed usbutils, ran lsusb with and without a usb drive in the port, and both times it showed the same mount points. Do you have anything else I can try?

Thank you

Can you test the USB-C dock on another device and with a USB Stick connected to it, does it work?

yes, i have multiple and confirmed they both work with my computer