How do i make modding in Skyrim work

Ok, Steam and Proton work fine. I can start Steam and play Skyrim in its original format fine.
What i do not get working is to mod my game.
So i installed Wine and after MO2.
In some guide it was advised to enable Steamplay which enables Proton.
So far so good.
When i install, and here may be an error, SKSE into the Steam Skyrim folder and start it within MO2, i get a response from MO2 that Steam is not running, though it is.
Also, the console in MO2 shows that the registration key is missing.

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?
Perhaps there is a guide i can use as a template.
The Proton versions that are installed and available are 6.3-8, 5.13-6 and below.
I am not sure if that matters.

Btw. ingame Skyrim my sound works. So i think that is not an issue.

Thanks so much

Maybe try Steam Tinker Launch (available in the AUR as steamtinkerlaunch):

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Yes, let me take a look.
I found out that there is a custom load for MO2 but it seems not updated. Now i forgot the name.
Anyhow, i will give that i try. I like to mod that game. I am sure there is a solution. One i just did not see yet.
Thanks again

Just want to give a response.

You need to install Lutris.
Then you need to check this here.

This and of course Steam itself.
Works perfectly, though MO2 is somewhat laggy. But it does play modded games with it.
So success !!!