How do I invert the screen colours on both desktops?

My version is: 5.15.28-1-MANJARO

I used to use xrandr-invert-colors with no problems.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in this current version of Manjaro.

I also tried ‘xcalib’ but had no luck.

I also tried the Gnome Extension invertde but it wouldn’t install properly.
Error: No JS module ‘tweener’ found in the search path

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that is not a valid command

man xrandr
also does not appear to support a command involving

it’s on GitHub and available as an AUR. It uses XrandR to do what it needs to do.

ok - this here … probably

AUR (en) - xrandr-invert-colors

I did not even know it existed …

But it doesn’t work. Something has changed with the Manjaro system because it used to work fine!

Sorry - I would not and do not know
anything about it

I can’t even imagine how inverted colors would look like.
… kind of like the photographic negatives that you got when you had your camera’s film developed, probably …

Are you running Gnome with Wayland?

Because if you do, the xrandr-invert-colors package is not going to work, it only works with X11:

Thanks, Bill. Yes. That was what my hunch was because xcalib listed WAYLAND0 and WAYLAND1 for each desktop. You’ve posted the actual GITHUB confirmation of this issue straight from the horse’s mouth.

So how do you invert colours on WAYLAND is the question then?

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Searching online revealed the package wl-gammactl which might help you.

It’s in the AUR, so you can give it a try.

But I’m afraid i can’t help you any further, since I’m not using Wayland.

Thanks, Bill. I installed wl-gammactl and got a build error. It was missing wlroots. I installed wlroots and then wl-gammactl was installed correctly. I ran wl-gammactl and got the error “compositor doesn’t support wlr-gamma-control-unstable-v1”.
But at least we roughly know the issue!

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Ah! You’re using gnome. I get exactly the same error when running gnome. I normally run sway instead.
I guess we can say that gnome does not support the wlr-gamma-control protocol.
I’ll add a note to my reddit post and propose something for the readme.