How do I install on my Beelink GT-King SA9XHQCF50153?

Hi, I’m completely lost about how to install manjaro in my Beelink GT-King SA9XHQCF50153

  1. What is the exact version of Manjaro that I should use?
  2. should I burn it in an SD or USB?
  3. could I burn it directly in the internal memory?
  4. if I burn it in a SD/USB, how do I boot the external memory?
  5. Is it possible to record all the procedures in a video?

last time tried this youtube video JSqDNTFuC-g but I bricked my device, hopefully find how to recover it from the graveyard.

Thank you in advance.

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One way to start is to download one of the GT King Pro image from Releases · manjaro-arm/gtking-pro-images · GitHub. Flash image to SD/USB drive. Edit /etc/extlinux/extlinux,conf to reflect the FDT dtb to meson-g12b-gtking.dtb.

Then boot. Hopefully it works for you.

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