How do I install Microsoft SQL Server?

Im new to manjaro and im trying to install sql server and I found an AUR version but I dont know how to install and when I looked at the official site for sql server there are only ubuntu, suse and redhat version. So how do I install it?

Have a look at the instructions for AUR here:


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Which one? MySQL? MariaDB? Microsoft SQL Server?

Which package?


Standart mssql
And I found this AUR
mssql-server 15.0.4153.1-1

There are actually several options to choose from.

Postgresql version 13 (the latest version, from the Manjaro Extra repository) :arrow_down:

pamac install postgresql postgresql-docs

Microsoft SQL Server :arrow_down:

pamac build mssql-server mssql-tools

SQLite and MariaDB will normally already be installed on your system.


Why does it use the rpm version of mssql?
Im asking because Im used to the ubuntu method I just switched from ubuntu

Presumably because the uploader used the RPM version as the source. I don’t think Microsoft would be supplying that software in an Arch-native package.

Pamac will either way install that software in the proper format. (And it ain’t a .deb either. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Because it’s closed-source software and Microsuck only releases their binaries with certain (most common) package formats?
So there is no other way than to extract the rpm and convert it to alpm format…


Thank you all for the help. @Aragorn @moson

@moson @Aragorn just a quick question can I run pgAdmin on manjaro because I just found a yay version of it?

pgadmin4 is in the Manjaro repository.

pamac install pgadmin4

Thank you

Seems you’ve switched the “solution” to another post. I’ll put it back to the original solution post since that is actually answering the initial question…


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