How do I install Manjaro on an ASUS TA100?

In my home I’ve now dedicated two computers to Manjaro, moving from Mint. The other three are still Mint and of those two are my wife’s and I won’t mess with them. :wink:

The third is my ASUS TA100 that I use in bed, a nice little netbook. I would really like to put Manjaro on it but the problem is that it is a hybrid 32/64 bit. I’ve asked this before and now that I am slowly migrating I am more serious about the ASUS and Manjaro.

Currently the ASUS has Mint 20 Cinnamon 64 bit on it. I use a trick to get it to load but can’t do the same thing on the Manjaro stick. Maybe it will just have to stay a Mint computer and that’s ok, I find Mint to be a good distro.

Search the forum for 32-bit EFI. There are also some good posts on the archived forum.

Hm? Yes I see them in the archive but I’m sitting here thinking that it will be a project. Do I want a project right now? Need to think about that one?

Thanks for the info.

If only the Manjaro disk would allow be to stick the 32 bit pieces like I do in other USB distros. Sadly it is kind of write protected.