How do I install cmake-gui?

I just cannot find how to install cmake-gui, I could only find cmake (even on the website of cmake). I already installed cmake but it doesn’t include cmake-gui.

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Any real c/c++ enthusiast are welcome to dismantle the following statement - I have absolutely no experience with C and the compilation process using LInux - but I do know the process from other languages and platforms.

cmake is a compiler (calling it a compiler maybe a stretch) more like a tool - it is taking it’s arguments from makefiles not a gui - in my opinion a gui would be next to impossible to implement.

Where have you heard of a cmake gui?

Most IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments) will make the compilation more or less transparent to you as the end user.

I can find references to a cmake gui - but I am fairly convinced this may be integrated into something else.

Any compilers - outside the IDE in use - will be very hard to configure for your specific task and run from command line would require a lot a arguments - which is why makefiles exist

CMake (not make) is a project configuration tool that can generate Makefiles from it’s own configuration, and there is a such thing as cmake-gui.

It’s indeed in extra/cmake package. Maybe try to specify full path in terminal (/usr/bin/cmake-gui)?

$ pacman -Ql cmake | grep gui
cmake /usr/bin/cmake-gui
cmake /usr/share/applications/cmake-gui.desktop
cmake /usr/share/cmake-3.20/Help/manual/cmake-gui.1.rst
cmake /usr/share/man/man1/cmake-gui.1.gz
❯ pacman -Si cmake | grep gui
Optional Deps   : qt6-base: cmake-gui


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