How do I install an AUR package with yay after fixing the PKGBUILD?

I had the error

==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

so I changed the hash in the ~/.cache/yay/package/PKGBUILD file after using sha256sum LICENSE.

Then I tried yay -S package again but I got the same error.

Are there any files I need to delete or something else I can do to install the package?

I could install the package with makepkg and sudo pacman -U package.pkg.tar.xz but I would like to know if I can do the same with yay.

Try this for a one-time installation:

yay --editmenu --editor=nano -S <package-name>

P.S. you can always enable the edit menu or set your preferred editor as the default in the yay config file:

man yay
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no need for yay or edit - as the following will generate checksums, sync dependencies and install after successful build

updpkgsums &&  makepkg --install --syncdeps

@linux-aarhus, I think you meant:

updpkgsums && makepkg --install --syncdeps --clean

because when you provide --geninteg flag, everything else is ignored.

makepkg --geninteg just shows the new checksums, but updpkgsums updates the PKGBUILD file.

I also like to add --clean flag to remove the make dependencies immediately.

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If you update the hashes like this, you could SKIP them all: They are there for validating that you receive the exact same content as the maintainer intended. If you update the sums like this, you lose this security feature.

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