How do I install an application from a tar.gz? (Hoxx VPN)

What steps do I have to follow to install the tar.gz file from Hoxx VPNs website?

From me, cursory scanning what I found by doing a search on:
“Hoxx VPN”

they seem to provide a browser add on/extension

Download Hoxx VPN Proxy For Free

Nothing to install, really - not Manjaro or even OS specific.
Just use your browser (whatever it is) to install the add-on from the browsers store. :man_shrugging:

The above would also mean that this isn’t a “real” VPN - it would only affect the browser … with whatever it actually does …

Which is where?
So people can know without having to hunt for it themselves.

First thanks for the response.

With the tar.gz file i meant the file you can download on the website in downloads section for linux.

The browser addon works for my purposes. (bypassing wifi vpn block settings). ProtonVPN Client doesn’t work here.

You don’t “install” a .tar.gz. It’s a compressed archive just like a .zip or .rar. Extract it somewhere and run the binary, probably.

Since this is a third-party proprietary appliation, you should contact Hoxx for support.


No idea - they don’t say … what to do with it.
And, looking at the contents of the archive, it doesn’t get better.

Huge red flags (for me):
these items they list on their “Pricing” page:

Pricing - Hoxx VPN Proxy

More advanced end-to-end encryption

(the second item)

that is pure BS (and possibly even much worse) in my book …

and the first:

Same features as the Free account

so why is there even a difference …? (rhetorical question)

It should - everywhere.

Or use a VPN provider that actually works.
mullvad for example

not free - 5 bucks a month

Arch wiki has excellent instructions.
Perhaps even for ProtonVPN and others as well.

Looks like they want to sell - but didn’t put in the work to tell people how to use their “product”.

ProtonVPN does work with my home wifi but it doesnt in school. (with my linux environment)

As my laptop earlier had windows 11 installed the ProtonVPN desktop client worked also in school wifi. (wifi has many websites blocked and also some limitations)

Whats the problem here?

Well - without more info, all that can be given is speculation.
Which is just a waste of time and doesn’t help (only perhaps by a lucky accident/correct guess).

So there’s no chance to find out if i don’t know the network structure and which settings are made?

…which no one can provide but Noxx.

…which is pointless and counterproductive.


Topic closed. Contact Hoxx for support as I already mentioned.

@outl4w If Hoxx asks you questions about Manjaro you don’t know the answer to, PM me and I’ll reopen the topic for further assistance.