How do I go back to the older version of the nvidia driver before the update?

Everything works fine after the update, except it broke the ground textures for Far Cry 5. Other distro users say to use the 455 drivers. How do I go back? The option is no longer there.

Maybe you can get it with:
sudo downgrade nvidia

but i honestly don’t recommend …

So I’m stuck until the next update?

it might be related with the kernel you are running check the options in other kernels

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Check here, section " I’m still running on nvidia-450 and I want to recompile the 450 driver (Kernel 5.4 LTS):", by clicking on the ► on the line below.

If you’re running linux kernel 5.4 (which you should if you don’t want to get in over your head, because it’s the only LTS kernel on Manjaro as of now), you just have to change any occurrence of “450” with “455” :wink:

I tried that and gnome wouldn’t start so I had to go back to 5.10 and the latest driver, but then all the games wouldn’t work. inxi showed no driver installed, so i reinstalled the video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime driver. I’m back where I started.

Just restore from Timeshift snapshot next time.

I don’t need everything rolled back just the nvidia driver.

Simply try this?

Yea I did try that as was suggested in the Stable Update thread. I was able to compile the 455 driver but for some reason Gnome wouldn’t start so I just went back to the latest kernel and driver.