How do I get Gnome Keyring to work on KDE plasma

I use Kde plasma and manjaro, I want to play minecraft. I have installed it, but it needs gnome keyring to stay logged in. I have installed gnome keyring, tried to follow the arch wiki for it as close as I can, and it just won’t work. After I restart, it logs me out. I tried multiMC but it would always crash when starting (I can’t set the max ram to be what I need it to be), and I just like the default launcher. Does anyone know what I can do, and help me if what I do doesn’t work?

Does it really? KDE/Plasma also has a wallet or keyring manager …

If you absolutely must you will have to remove the native one as you should not have mutliple on a system … and as its somewhat foundational I expect it to be a headache, though possible.
EDIT: I guess thats too apocalyptic. Listen to LT.

Are you sure you need/want to do this ?

Actually I think Minecraft needs libsecret API implementation just like Skype For Linux which KWallet doesn’t implement (yet). gnome-keyring can be installed and used alongside KWallet with pamac install gnome-keyring and perfectly usable. They won’t share secrets obviously though.

Can you please specify which article you followed?

Ah. You are right - there is a way to have both, while not exactly advisable.

I’ll let you take this though :wink:

There’s also an ability to patch KWallet with mentioned MR and there’s even a package in AUR that does this. But it’s for advanced users only.

Once again beyond my experience. I did edit the response above.

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I followed this one: wiki archlinux org/title/GNOME/Keyring

I do also have libsecret installed

And this is still not working? That’s strange. For Skype it was sufficient… are you using AUR/manually downloaded or Flatpak/Snap launcher version?

Using the version from “add or remove software”

I suppose it’s this one?

oh wait, not minecraft, I meant gnome keyring/libsecret. I got minecraft from minecraft net/download, clicking on arch, then using that to clone the git, and install it

Well, first of all I’d like to suggest you to try one from Flatpak, for your version I’ll try to look into how it stores passwords.

Also please check that gnome-keyring-daemon process is running.

I tried that before, and it worked, but ran at 25fps and a REALLY low resolution. Like menus and stuff where fine, but the background and gameplay was horrible.

When I open system monitor, and search for gnome-keyring-daemon, it is running, but when i open minecraft it asks “a program wants access to “default keyring” but it is locked”, and aks to enter my password. Even if I enter, it does nothing, and still logs out with the error “something went wrong with the login process”.

Tried the flatpak one, but it didn’t change anything

install seahorse and set your password for gnome-keyring there

I thought it needed to be the same as your login one for it to work?

I changed it to be something other than my default password, and when logging in, if I went to seahorse, right clicked it, and unlocked the Default Keyring, then opened minecraft it worked. I now need to know how to unlock it automatically at login or something