How do I find a file from Arch's linux-docs?

I want to enable the microphone for the 2-in-1 audio port in a Clevo NP50HJ. On this journey I stumbled onto a piece of ArchWiki which refers a certain linux-docs package’s file. I can’t find this package


Got to this piece of ArchWiki*:

[…] you could put the following line into your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf:

options snd_hda_intel index=0 model=*your_model_setting*

For complete list of options to put in your_model_setting, see […] or its source located at /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build/Documentation/.... (provided by the linux-docs* package)

No idea what to put in my model_setting. I don’t have a Documentation folder at that location

~> ls /usr/lib/modules/$(uname --kernel-release)/build | grep --ignore-case doc                  
exit 1

So I want to install the mentioned linux-docs package. linux-docs link seems legit, takes me to an Arch package definition (albeit for kernel 5.15, I’m rolling with 5.13), but I can’t find that package

~> pamac info linux-docs
Error: target not found: linux-docs
exit 1
~> pacman --sync --search --quiet doc | grep linux

My end goal is to enable the microphone for the 2-in-1 audio port for a Clevo NP50HJ, but I would also like to understand what’s going on, because it seems I don’t have a good grasp of Manjaro documentation and how it’s handled, nor of what I can do with an Arch repositories’ package?

* Notes:

f$#ck the “you can’t include links in your posts” stupid rule

  • ArchWiki link https:// wiki.archlinux. org/title/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture#Correctly_detect_microphone_plugged_in_a_4-pin_3.5mm_(TRRS)_jack
  • Arch package link https:// archlinux. org/packages/?name=linux-docs

5.13 is EOL and isn’t LTS. The way I understand it, 5.15 will be LTS when 5.16 is released to stable. Have you tried 5.15 kernel or LTS 5.4 or 5.10 LTS?

The package is here. However, Manjaro is not distributing any docs yet for it’s kernels. We can consider to do so however.