How do I enable middle mouse button click paste?

After one of the latest updates I lost the middle mouse paste option,
I’m so used to it so wants it back, how ?
No option in system-settings-input device mouse, in Desktop Folder settings, Mouse-action Middle-button is set to paste. Didn’t work anymore.

KDE plasma ver.5.21.2 kernel5.11.2-1

Hi @trygvese ,
I don’t see the mouse middle action button. on System Settings / Input Device / Mouse / General thereis an option which says: Press Left and Right buttons for middle click. I am on the same KDE plasma version as you.
Hope it help, regards

It might be this solution :slight_smile:

The long answer:
See this post.

The short answer:
Edit $HOME/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and change MidButton to MiddleButton.


Right click the desktop and select Configure Desktop and Wallpaper > Mouse Actions. Remove the Middle-Button and add it back. It will be added back correctly.

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Yes, I have this:


Thanks all of you, got it working now.

If one of the above entries was the solution could you please mark it or tell us how you solved it. This could help current and future users who run across this issue. Thanks. :slight_smile: