How do I enable Hardware Virtualization?

As the title suggests, I am trying to enable hardware virtualization.

I know this is simple, so can someone simply tell me how?

If your CPU supports it, you can enable it in your BIOS settings.

Thing is, it’s already a virtual machine, and I’m trying to virtualize a pc on a virtualized pc.


Hardware refers to something physical. A virtualized OS needs a physical machine to run it on.

Are you talking about something like running a virtualbox whithin a virtualbox?

Yeah, like @omano posted lol…

Tthis is way over my head.

Yeah, I’m going to commit virtualboxception.

Then look at some answers here maybe? virtual machine inside virtual machine - بحث Google‏

Technically possible on specific hardware/software.

Ok so I have done it.

I just had to go into the settings of the VM > System > Processor > Enable Nested VT- /AMD-V

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