How do I disable wps on a hotspot created by advanced network configuration

The Hotspot work flawlessly.
But sadly i noticed that wps is enabled using a testing app on Android and i couldn’t find a way to disable it.

if you mean automatic detection of devices, this is a setting of your router.

The situation is unclear.

How do you know?

What does that mean?

It works, as you said.

Are you “taking” the network connection - to then further distribute it through your own hotspot?
… connecting to a wireless network (which is perhaps WPS protected)
and then trying to relay that connection?

… provide the hotspot yourself?

Ok I’ll give more information.
I have an arm device which i setup as a small server for multiple stuff.
The arm device is connected to a far away router with wlan0
And i want the ability to monitor the devices using wifi
But my phone can’t connect to the far away router because you guessed it, it’s far away.
So i use advanced network configuration to make a hotspot on a different wifi chip named wlan1.
And that worked because i can connect to lan and the internet and monitor the device from that hotspot “all good right?”
For the intended purpose yes.
But with some risky security flaws NO.
I open WPSApp on android and i realized the hotspot is vulnerable with the default pins available making it easily hackable by the press of a button.
That’s why i wanted to disable wps on the hotspot in wlan1, but sadly there is no option for that in advanced network configuration.

That makes no real sense to me.

What you describe is something I use regularly.

Some Network, encrypted or not,
but too far away for my notebook to reliably connect to it.

So, what do i do?

I set up a router (with OpenWRT and the Travelmate app on it)
This router then connects to the far away network
and provides another network for me to connect to
relaying this far away network
to my notebook.

Essentially it is a range extender.
And I can connect any number of devices to the hotspot, not just one or however many they allow.

If the origin of the network that you are using
is not under your control
then you can do nothing but use it as it is.

Any flaws or weaknesses that the original AP has (or might have)
do not affect you

I actually do not know what you mean by this.
No idea.

you use this to connect to and monitor your device?

you created the network on that device

you had to set up WPS … - just don’t :wink:

What is the issue?
Are you asking how to create a network without WPS?

The issue is still far from clear, to me.