How do i customize my terminal?

i want to customize the looks of my terminal, imo Yakuake and Konsole are both way too big. Yakuake is especially ugly, how do i change that?

Almost all application windows in Plasma can be resized. For Yakuake specifically, you have to click the hamburger menu at the bottom right when the window is open. It’ll give you different options for width and height.

You can customize the used profile by right-clicking the open window and choosing “Edit Current Profile”.

Additionally, there are alternative Yakuake themes that you can install, either from the Manjaro repository, from the AUR, or directly from if you have ocs-url installed. The latter is in itself an AUR package, which you can install with… :arrow_down:

pamac build ocs-url

With this package installed, you can install skins and themes from directly from within your browser. :arrow_down:



With Konsole:

Grab the bottom, right corner and drag to resize (watch the cursor change)


Settings > Configure Konsole > Profiles > Edit a profile

OR just

Settings > Edit Current Profile

You can set here:

  • the initial terminal size
  • the font and colors, etc

If the standard features don’t meet your needs there is always a style sheet.

The Konsole Handbook is under the Help menu.

Another cool way to customize your terminal is to launch neofetch or similar application at launch. This is very simply done if you are using the default zsh shell by editing the hidden file .zshrc in your home folder.

In your home folder edit .zshrc in your text editor of choice, for example using nano:

nano ~/.zshrc

Add the following to the end of the file:


Save the file and restart your terminal. You should see neofetch immediately run, which is a nice customization feature.

You can undo this change by simply deleting the line you added to .zshrc in your home folder.