How do I change the VRR Range (wayland)?

Hello everyone!
I’m new to linux and I’m enjoying it so far, yet one problem remains I can’t find any solution for. I need to change the VRR Range of my freesync monitor, because otherwise it will give a constant brightness flicker which makes it pretty much unusable. In windows I can fix this completely by changing the VRR Range from 48-144 to 48-143 with cru. Problem is, I have to use wayland to make freesync work with my multi monitor setup. From what I’ve read, I have to use a custom EDID file and make it load on boot. I followed “Kernel Mode Setting” tutorial from archlinux wiki (4 Forcing modes and EDID).
So I created user_edid with get-edid, edited it to have the correct monitor range limit with wxedid, put it in /usr/lib/firmware/edid/ and changed a line in etc/default/grub to: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash drm.edid_firmware=DP-1:edid/user_edid”. Problem is, this doesn’t do anything. Any other tutorials I’ve found are for NVIDIA GPUs or X11 specifically. I’d really appreciate any help. Please let me know if I have to provide further information.

And you run

sudo update-grub

and reboot, right?

Thanks for your answer. Forgot to specify, but yes, I did this. It still had no effect.

A working VRR on Wayland depends on Desktop you are using. Variable refresh rate - ArchWiki

Check the EDID, if there is a difference:

pamac install base-devel
pamac build edid-decode-git
find -L /sys/class/drm/ -maxdepth 2 -type f -iname "*edid" -exec sh -c 'echo "{}"' \; -exec edid-decode "{}" 2>/dev/null \;
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I’m using KDE Plasma. I Checked the EDID with that command, on one line it says “Monitor ranges (Range Limits Only): 48-144 Hz V, 225-225 kHz H, max dotclock 590 MHz” so the EDID doesn’t seem to be loaded. I’ve checked again if I did any mistake in the other steps, but I can’t find any. Just to be clear, a Xorg config is not necessary when I’m on Wayland anyway, right? Because if I create the 10-monitor.conf file like it’s described in this tutorial, this makes my distro not bootable with a dependency error, I removed it again with my live USB to fix this.

Well, we volunteer supporters are not magicians with magic wands and crystal balls. You have to document what you’ve done, otherwise it’s just guesswork. This means that you cannot rely on your interpretation, but on what you actually did. :man_shrugging:


Ah yeah, probably because SDDM still run with Xorg by default. There is a experimental switch: SDDM - ArchWiki Usually the Xorg config should be fully ignored when running with wayland.

Are you sure Plasma runs with wayland? echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE

Yes. echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE output is wayland.

So I now tried these exact things I did in my first Manjaro installation on another new one (same version) on a different drive. And now it works! It shows the proper range with your EDID check command - and the flicker is completely gone! So I may broke something heavily in my first install without realising. But I don’t think I can be bothered to keep looking what causes this, I think I will switch to the new one soon. Sry, it’s not really a fix… But thanks again anyways for your effort.