How do i change name of my hard drive and give access to all users?

Im new to linux, just installed today

Ran into a problem with my hard drive, i want to use it to store games and other large applications and just basically use it alot but whenever i try to make a new folder the option is greyed out

I saw a thread saying that i should use this command

sudo chown $USER:$USER /path/to/drive

(which is im my case /run/media/monke/76af5177-d590-413f-b21b-5e24810ba2f4)

That fixed the new folder issue, but whenever i try to go to its settings in Partition Manager all of it is greyed out(like mount point, and all the other options)

and when i right click on it all options are greyed out

How do i change this ?
how do i change the name from “76af5177-d590-413f-b21b-5e24810ba2f4” to smthg like “MainStorage”

Thank You All For You’re Answers

That mount path is generated automatically and is based on the partitions UUID.

If you want specific settings – such as mount location, automatic mounting, custom rights – then you must define explicitly how the system shall mount it.


Adding a filesystem label will change the name of the temporary mountpoint from the UUID to the label.

If it is a partition on an internal disk - I recommend using @maycne.sonahoz suggestion.

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