How do I add these dependencies?

Hi all, new manjaro user here, I normally reside in gentoo space, but with my new laptop, I thought I should give manjaro a try. Installation was a breeze :slight_smile:

But I have arrived at an obstacle; I am trying to install a development environment from Texas Instruments, and their installer warns that I am missing some dep’s.

I see that some of them are already in my system, but newer versions. So I suppose my question is; how do I find which package I need to install, in order to get these older libs, and the missing libs? Or if the package route is not the way to do it, how do I proceed?


To search for a file in the repos you could, ex:

sudo pacman -Fyx ''

Generally speaking you cannot install multiple versions of the same library manually. Manjaro is a monolithic piece so to speak and the versions of everything switch together. And they are fairly new. So to use software requiring older libraries you will have to use a container like appimage, flatpak, snap, docker, pyenv.
That said, there are some cases in which there are different versions from the repositories, so it is possible, but only in some cases. Just search your libraries with the above command. If you are lucky you will find them all. If not you are in untested ground - some of them may be available in aur, it may work, or be buggy, or not…

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OK, thanks guys. I found all but and libpython2.7. I think pyenv can be used, but for now it seems that the dev environment is working without python.

I copied libtinfo from one of my gentoo boxes, into /lib64/ and while that feels like a bad solution, but it seems to work for now.
I’ll continue testing some more, and if it does not work properly, I guess I’m heading back to gentoo, even if it takes lots of more work upfront with installation.

python2.7 can be build from AUR.

Using AUR also implies using Manjaro’s edge branch (unstable) - not that unstable - it is actually Arch stable.

So the short version is

sudo pacman-mirrors -aS unstable
sudo pacman -Syu git base-devel --needed
git clone
cd python2
makepkg -is

The longer version → see [Need-To-Know] About Manjaro and AUR

Good to know, thanks for the details!