How do i add different things to the xfce panel?

i want to add more icons to my xfce panel, but more than what is already there to add for example i can add things like whisker menu and application menu, but i want to add a more icons than the ones that are available just in the panel app, im a noob so please be kind, i could be missing something thats right in front of me.

One way is to go to the start menu. Find what you want to add. Right click / add to panel.

One way i found is to create a desktop Entry to place in /usr/share/applications/
Here an exemple:

I had apwal, a litlle multi-launcher

And here the desktop entry:

[Desktop Entry]

And then you can add it like other stuff

Lots of docs, with screen shots! xfce:xfce4-panel:start [Xfce Docs]

I’m not talki n about adding apps, I already know how to do that I’m talking about things like cpu temps or time/date Xfce only shows a small amout of icons like this and I know more exist, I want to add my own

I think it might be a good idea if you could shortly describe on an actual example what you want to achieve. Your initial question might be read in various ways, not all of them in the way you meant it.

right click> panel add new items
select than click add

my xfce panel is the bottom.