How dangerous is an outdated chromebook?

Hi all,
I bough this HP chromebook. Afterwards, I found out the reason for the low price (E50) : no more updates.
How dangerous is that?
I can (tested up until the partition) boot up from a USB stick (the thing is tweaked). I’d go for XFCE of something lighter. There is 4Gb RAM and 16 GB “disk”…
But…is installing Manjaro preferable due to vulnerabilities?
I dont bank, but there are passwords and such…

I think you already know the answer. If you’re asking what is preferable between using your chromebook with an outdated system or installing an up to date system, obviously you should install an up to date system that keep fixing vulnerabilities in the software.

But it all depends what you do with it in the end, if you don’t connect it to the internet or your local network, it is a non issue. Once it is connected to other devices, the internet, and you use it “online” you are exposed to potential “issues” from internet.

If the hardware is fully compatible with a Manjaro ISO, I would install that I don’t see why you wouldn’t, but I don’t know your hardware so besides searching the forum I don’t know.

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Well, it’s that moment on that edge of the kliff where Miss Bond is about to take that spectacular jump opening the union-jack parachute, I guess :wink:
And, besides, if I “brick” it, I suppose it can be reset. Right now…every day is an increased risk, be it ever so small.
Question is: “dare I risk that gamble of standing naked on the Net or go for safe?”…question answered, thanks :hugs:

It is just my opinion, and as I said I don’t know if the hardware is fully compatible, as I don’t know very well these “books” of all kinds. Maybe others can chime in and add to the discussion.

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there are some traps to install linux on a chromebook. it’s better to read about this first before installing
there are different chromebooks, please use the searchfunction of the archwiki and search for “chromebook” if there is your specific modell described.
it’s always very helpful to boot a live-iso first and check for function of the live-iso. that’s a good indicator if installation can fail.

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Well, thanks to the advice given…I can safely say that “I plunge the took” :grin:

Thanks all, lov’ ya!!!
:rose: Melissa :rose:


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