How change password to lock screen - PinePhone


I’ve set my password to lock my screen on pinephone (PIN) to nothing. Idea was to have lock screen wthout password. But it seems it is locked with any password. So now I am not able to get to phone druing to pass lock screen PIN.

Is there any way how to reset without reinstall whole OS ?

Thank you

Plug in a keyboard, go to another TTY and run passwd like on a normal Linux system.

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unfortunately I am beginner and I am not sure if I understand your answer well.

I supposed:

  1. Plug in a keyboard - you mean plug via cable pinephone to some linux notebook with keyboard
  2. go to another tty - use command tty in terminal of notebook, find terminal of pinephone device which I ll found somewhere in path “/dev/…”

It seems that notebook is connect only to its terminal…

I’ve found your second options to resolve this problem in forum (third link in my post) as connect to mobile by ssh and use terminal of mobile with some desktop. Ssh would be more easy for me but I am not sure if sshd is turn on by default, unfortunately I’ve turned off wifi, so it does not help me.

I pin some links which I’ve found when I’ve tried to resolve your answer for another noobie as me:


If you are not comfortable with plugging in USB-C hub, ketboard and doing the TTY dance, your only option is to reflash the phone with a new image and making sure you put in some numbers as your PIN.

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