How can we make this forum work under Qutebrowser?

Hi. When I tried to run this from Qutebrowser, the backend complained to me that Qutebrowser is not supported:

Given the popularity of the browser, and the maturity of the backend ( Qt ), I think its worth pushing to get support for this browser.

QuteBrowser? I’ve never heard of it.

Edit:- Hm, OK. It seems I know the browser, but didn’t remember it’s name. :slight_smile:

Very lightweight. I installed it once when I was playing with Sway. It seems to work fine here (KDE), not that I’d likely use it beyond the next few minutes.

I presume you’re using Sway or i3, but if not, perhaps Falkon is a browser you might consider.


I just installed Qutebrowser from the repos and have no issues accessing and browsing the forum.

Is your system up-to-date? Your version of Qutebrowser should be 3.1.0-2. If you are using an older version, it may not be using qt6 as its backend.

My keen eye just noticed he is using Ubuntu with Gnomish so suggesting install from the repos is a no-no.

Problem is Ubuntu uses its own app repos… anyways where or how do you installed Qutebrowser?


I saw that too, but gave the benefit of the doubt. It might have been a foreign screenshot for illustration purposes. :wink:

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Ahhh hahah. Sorry my bad.
So the last kernel borqued my manjaro and I was running an emergency ubuntu live boot, trying to figure things out. When I came to the website, it gave me that notice. Now that I got things mostly fixed on manjaro, it actually works under qutebrowser.

Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, but in this case I was at fault.

I do have to say, I was a die hard fan and contributor of ubuntu, and decided to give it another try. I think Manjaro is just doing things far better these days.


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