How can one set a solid background color in Gnome 40

In Gnome 40, how can I set a solid background color for the desktop?

This was possible in Gnome 3.38 from:

 dconf-editor > org > gnome > background > set 'draw background' ON and setting the (primary) color.

In Gnome 40, the ‘draw background’ setting is not there, so it’s not clear how to do this.

This was useful if one wanted a centered picture on the desktop with a solid color background (as I do).

See /org/gnome/desktop/background/, there are a few options.

I am looking at it, and there is no ‘draw background’ option as there is in 3.38. I can use a centered picture, but then the underlying desktop will be black.

Here is the gnome 3.38 dialog, showing the now missing ‘draw background’ option:

That’s because the secondary-color is black: #000000

I just set both primary and secondary color to the same value. That didn’t change anything. No colored background.

The ‘draw background’ option was removed as one of the changes in Gnome 40. As a result, a background color cannot be set.