How can I use my keyboard or mouse to wake up my pc

my pc doesn’t wake up by keypress or mouse click. how can I turn this on?

You need to set it up in Bios, depend of your Bios, you’ll be able to use PS2 or USB keyboard/mouse

which option should I edit in bios?
and I am using wireless combo mouse keyboard from A4 tech

That depends on your hardware’s BIOS, which is deferent for every PC model…

I don’t think Wireless Keyboard/Mouse is supported to wakeup any pc, i could be wrong but IIRC they need to be directly attached to your motherboard’s ports…

Plus on top of that setting in the BIOS, you also need to enable suspend/resume in your OS and not shutdown your system but rather suspend it…

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Yes I understand. But please tell me what you know and I’ll try to understand what I have in my BIOS

They can and there’s an option in TLP to disable it.

It should be something along the lines of USB Wakeup.

If you don’t know what something is, look it up along with your PC / laptop vendor name, i.e.; Dell USB Wakeup.

I think it’s best to start with:

  1. What brand of PC do you have? Manufacturer and Model
  2. If you can find online documentation about your BIOS you could provide a link to it.
    Most likely it will be documented in your “User Manual” of your PC/Motherboard…

With those two info you would be able to get more educated help from everyone.

Yes I can provide a link to my motherboard manual

Unfortunatly that manual is not complete because it misses pages that explain the menu’s under Advanced mode.
To find the settings for Wakeup i would check the entries under Advanced, most likely one of these:

  • APM
  • Platform Misc Configuration

I have an ASUS mainboard also (Different model), but am unable to look in my menus while i write this ofcourse xD

This is where it is in my BIOS: