How can I use a monitor as my second display for Manjaro i3?

Is there an app that would allow me to use my laptop as my primary display, and my monitor as another? I would like to be able to do this wirelessly. I know there are apps that can connect Windows computers to Android phones and I’m looking for something similar. I have two monitors that are physically connected to my Windows PC and I would like to be able to seamlessly use ONE of the two monitors for my Linux laptop, preferably in one application. That way, I’m able to use the laptop for other work on my Windows PC at the same time.


Plug one in to your laptop via HDMI. Case closed.

In my opinion the title is misleading, and I still don’t exactly know what you want. You want to run an app on the Windows PC that will act as a virtual screen for the display server running on your laptop?

I’m not sure how to explain it other than with comparing it to something like “spacedesk” for Windows 10 and Android.
You download a program on your Windows computer and then install the app on Android. Your Android phone then acts as a secondary monitor.

(I can’t include links but you can Google spacedesk to see what I mean.)

So you want to use a monitor that’s connected to a Windows PC as a secondary monitor for your laptop over the network, correct?

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If so, you may want to check this and this out.

I am not sure what it is, that you want to achieve exactly. If you want to use your laptop from your windows pc (or the other way), maybe a software called “Barrier” might be of interest. You can move your mouse to another device and use your keyboard and mouse over there. If you place it next to the other device’s screens it feels like one multi-monitor machine, you only cannot move windows between the screens.

Maybe this is totally missing the point, the software might still be of use to you - no more mouse/keyboard switching between devices.

This is the answer I was looking for, thank you

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