How can i update discord?

I tried to open de discord app and showed me this image:
So, what should i do? :S cause it won’t open until that update to the 0.0.17 version, there’s been other updates, and never had problems, but this one is different :S

For now…

…you can cheat. Check for discord’s path:

file $(which discord)

and cd to where the symbolic link points. In this directory (probably /opt/discord/) edit the file resources/build_info.json that should look like:

{ "releaseChannel": "stable", "version": "0.0.13" }

You can “upgrade” the version, in this case with "0.0.14", and trick the launcher. All is reset in a future update.

See: Discord - ArchWiki


Oh ok, thank you @Yochanan , but didn’t understood how to do that, i’m not a programer, but any idea how long will it take to auto update with manjaro’s programs app? :S

Discord is imported from Arch, and it is out of date there too. If you want to have quick updates to Discord, best bet is to use the AUR version of Discord so when there is an update you can update it through Pamac or any other AUR helper immediately (because community update the AUR PKGBUILD rapidly and no need to go through the distribution update normal process, but I see it is also out of date on the AUR right now). So other best bet is to install Discord locally so you can manually update it yourself.

//EDIT: to install locally, download the compressed archive on their website, extract the Discord folder somewhere in your home, and you can start Discord executable directly, or you can also modifiy the Discord.desktop file to change the line Exec= to point to where you extracted it (you can also modify the Icon= line to point to Discord icon in the local installation folder), and move the Discord.dektop file to ~/.local/share/applications/ so it is available in your Application launcher (in theory). Then you could manually extract new update when needed over this local installation. At this point if it works you can also uninstall Discord from the package manager (or keep it and use it, and only use the local installation as a fallback when it doesn’t update quick enough on the distribution package).


I have successfully changed the version number as you suggested with this:

sudo sed -i 's/0.0.16/0.0.17/g' /opt/discord/resources/build_info.json
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Its easier just to use the web version. As far as I remember the Discord app on linux is actually just the web version under chromium engine (cmiiw). If you really want to install it on your hard drive then you can use flatpak. It’s updated to version 0.0.17. Just install libpamac-flatpak-plugin (if you haven’t already), go to pamac (your software manager) settings, enable flatpak and look for the latest Discord.

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Hello, i fixed this:

sudo rm -rf /opt/discord/

and untar discord 0.0.17 tar to /opt/discord/

chmod +x discord.desktop

But this is only for waiting discord package normal update.

This is wrong, don’t do that, we already gave multiple solution to the issue (editing the version in a file, local install, flatpak).

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You really just need to go to /opt/discord/resources/build_info.json and edit the version # in that file.

Though maybe using the flatpak version of Discord would be easier for you. Just follow the directions below.

Personally, i use webcord (AUR) instead, as that one doesn’t block you because of a pending update.

Hi @SolidCapo,

While I don’t really like it and wouldn’t usually reommend it, I think now it is. a Discord .AppImage is available:

Download it at:

So you can always use that until it’s updated in the repositories.

i have downloaded the tarball, opened the /opt/discord with system privilegs - replaced the files with the file within the archive - now running discord 0.0.17 - everything went fine and its running.

You’re lucky. It might not have.

For those thinking it is good to remove and/or extract an archive inside a system folder overwriting and possibly adding untracked files in the process, why don’t you extract the archive folder inside a temporary folder in your home, and execute Discord from there waiting for the update?

We already have many solutions not involving bad practice, why would you do that and possibly mess your system files and permission?

Just to list them:

  • local installation (in your home)
  • Flatpak
  • AppImage
  • using Discord in the browser
  • Discord Canary (from repositories)
  • using alternative Discord client from AUR
  • editing one value in a Discord file

I put editing the Discord .json file last as it is touching a file in the system and requires elevated privileges, but it is actually the most simple to do waiting for the update to reach repositories.


How long does it usually take for the version to be updated on the manjaro repositories? Considering it happens everytime discord updates, someone must have figured out a way to update the repository version faster? I am using the web app for now but it would really be nice if the repositories get updated. I am not trying to rush the devs here, maybe they have their reasons for the delay but still.

That but tells me to just disregard everything else in the sentence, because you are actually trying to make it happen faster.

Now, I don’t have Discord. I Don’t use Discord. Never have.

It’s not Manjaro’s fault or problem, for that matter, if a 3rd party application suddenly stops working because of something a 3rd company, completely independent from Manjaro, changed something. No matter how big or small that something is.

There were plenty of alternatives given. In this case I recommend the .AppImage, but there’s always discord-canary from the community repository:

$ pamac search discord
discord-canary                                                                                                                                                                                                  0.0.133-1                         community
All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free and secure.

Discord 0.0.17-1 just landed in arch stable. So anyone facing this issue can switch branch to unstable or maybe the manjaro-team can push it to all repos.

Discord is usually fast tracked I think, so it will happen if the package works properly on Unstable, and when it will be on Unstable because it is not currently on Unstable.

OP you’ve been givcen a lot of great options. You may not need one more person weighing in, but I’m going to do so anyway. There is one install for Discord to avoid cause you will always get what you have in you first post. I’ve made the mistake in the past and just the other day in ArcoLinux. I simply removed it after realizing what I did and installed the Flatpak. What ever is up with that version is on the packager and not on the various various Linux Distro devs.

Already done. There’s also dvm available in the AUR as an alternative to waiting for the repo package to update.

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