Can I update a package using pacman (or yay) that isn't yet on the mirrors from manjaro but are on the Arch mirrors?

So, for example, let’s supose that I have a package named foo and if I run packman -Si foo on manjaro I get that it’s on version 0.0.1.

But let’s also supose that arch had this foo package updated to version 0.0.2 and looking at the arch website I could see that it was in that newer version since a few hours ago, but the manjaro mirrors are yet to update it.

So I know that I can build foo myself manually instead of waiting for the mirrors.

My question here is can I, via a package manager (better if it could be pacman or yay), update foo or any other package that aren’t yet updated in manjaro without needing to wait to the manjaro mirrors to fetch this new version.

I saw some ppl on reddit saying that adding the Arch linux mirrors into manjaro isn’t a good idea (although I’m not exactly clear of why). But if not this way, do I have any other way to achieve what I want?

You can switch to the unstable branch.

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Arch intends you to have your packages always 100% up to date. Manjaro holds things back a little, especially on Stable. If you mix these two methodologies, you’ll get mismatches and things will break. Say Package A relies on Package B. Package B makes an update changing how it works, so Package A has to update as well to change its behavior to work with the new Package B. If you only update one of them, you get big problems.

If you want to be completely up to date with Arch, switch to Unstable like @dmt posted.

For Discord specifically, to ignore an update until it has arrived on Manjaro (usually a couple hours after Arch), edit ~/.config/discord/settings.json and add the following line:

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It’s that topic again!


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I’m not talking about discord specifically though, just using as an example, I’m asking in a general way.

Even if installing directly from Arch is not supported and have to be avoided, I don’t see any reason to not “fast track” this particular package. You can manually install it with this:
sudo pacman -U
(of course, this is for this particular version)


It is fast-tracked, but alas, the Manjaro devs are only human and need a hot sec to get it done.

Just install Arch. You’ll even learn how to manually configure everything in the process.

The answer to the question in your topic title is no.

Stop asking for Discord updates. That actually makes me less inclined to bother pushing it to all branches. I just did, by the way.

If you can’t wait, then do something like this:

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