How can I turn off automatic video scanning in Dolphin?

Opening any folder in dolphin usually works fast. But if I open my video folder with hundreds of videos inside it takes usually very long time. It seems that dolphin is scanning all videos.

How can I turn off automatic video scanning in dolphin to make dolphin working fast again?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “scanning” so I’m just going to guess that you mean previews?

Hamburger Menu > Configure > Configure Dolphin > General > Previews > Video Files (ffmpegthumbs)


Also once the preview scan is completed the next time you open the folder it’s much faster. As Rulinux suggests you can control which files are previewed.

Thanks. I have done this setting.

But additionally I had to go into system setting – > file search → deactivate include file content search
AND below in the same window in the special folder settings: exclude the not needed folders on external drives

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