How can I switch /home partition?

Hi! I’ve been using Manjaro KDE since July. Recently I decided to try out Manjaro Xfce so I only reinstalled the system on its partition what means I didn’t lose my personal data. Also, without any tricks during the installation new system used my old /home directory which I have on separate partition. However, I decided I want to get back to KDE but here is the problem. It didn’t work the same way. I still have my data on that partition but it’s not my /home now. The system created new /home directory on the system partition what is highly inconvenient.
Is there an easy way to mount /home directory to that old partition?

Hi @cptkidd62, and welcome!

Have a look at [root tip] Use systemd to mount ANY device and [root tip] systemd mount unit samples. I believe those can help you.

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Thank you! I must say it was easier than I thought :smiley:


Things usually are. Glad you managed.

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