How can i see the ink status on my Printer?

Im using my Printer (Canon Pixma IP4600) under Manjaro KDE for 2 years (only 1 day per year) and im impressed how flawless my Printer works under Linux (CUPS) without installing additional tools or drivers.

But how can i check my Printer Status in Linux (CUPS), to see how many Ink is left… in Windows there was always a Warning Popup that showed up, even when my Ink was 40% full. I miss that info under Linux and im worried that i can damage something inside my Printer, because i dont recognise, that maybe a Ink Colour is empty already.

AFAIK the worst that can happen if you have an empty ink cartridge is… that you print without that ink color.

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ink works great with my Canon Pixma 4950

Use ink -p usb in Terminal.

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Is there no integrated option in Manjaro to check status? Do i really need to use AUR to install Ink or is there something else available in the official repos?

Grabbing e.g. ink levels from a printer is brand and/or model-specific, and generally quite undocumented. Although I don’t know about current status of Canon printer software for Linux, Canon is/was at least historically one of the absolute worst brands wrt. Linux support (which is also part of the reason I don’t know about that current status; I simply don’t pay them any mind).

For niceties such as these you will need to use/buy hardware from a manufacturer that supports Linux, or at least, does not actively tell Linux users to go <bleep> themselves. Although also not great in every respect, I on Linux tend to use and advise HP. Or Brother; I believe they’re in fact also well-supported generally but will need to leave specifics to someone that actually uses a Brother printer.

As to HP: its hplip software provides ink levels for most/many HP printers:


In xfce you may be able to access it through Settings-Print Settings(system-config-printer)- Unlock with password-right click-choose “Properties” and see if it is available Under Ink/Toner Levels. As another poster has pointed out it may be brand/model specific. In my case, this information is not available. I would give ink from the AUR a try and see how it goes. On my (Brother) printer I had to scroll through the LCD screen and it was under Print settings which printed a summary which listed the information.


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