How can I see and open the Side Bar in Latte Dock to customize and work with it?

Hello everyone,

I have Latte Dock 0.10.8-1 + latte integrale 1.7.6-2 + Plasma5-applets-latte-sidebar-button-git 0.2.1.r0.g611b0 installed. It works finally and it is possible to integrate app out of KDE Store.

But how can I open and see the sidebars that appear briefly when starting Latte Dock? See example image.
I can’t access this side bar, why?


Thanks for feedback.
Greetings Susanne

Hello Susanne,
Are you using wayland or X11?
If you use Wayland I could imagine fewer problems.
Please use X11

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From the developer:

So, it needs that shortcut set.
Not sure how relevant would be for you in this video

I use X11

Where can I find and download this shortcut set? In the Software Center I cannot find this set.

Well, you already have installed the required one

Now you have to add it to the Panel or the Latte Dock, as widget and then in settings set it to show on all edges, or see what other options are available there.

Oh my good, it works :heart_eyes: thank you very much.

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