How can I remove Manjaro branding from Firefox?

How can I remove Manjaro branding from Firefox, e.g. the Manjaro start page? I don’t mean how I can change the start page, that’s clear. I mean the Manjaro package that modifies the browser and sets the Manjaro bookmarks.

I think you need to remove manjaro-browser-settings.


thanx @zbe :+1:

Sorry, but out of curiosity, where does Manjaro branding appears in Firefox? I have Firefox and manjaro-browser-settings and I don’t see it

Bookmarks mostly. (including Homepage)

In the case of firefox these two things:

(see the rest of the directories for thunderbird, chrome, etc)

Also … a search should yield any of the other threads;

You can see it, for example, when you call up the preset start page. The Firefox start page cannot be activated.

The apparent highjacking of the Firefox homepage, and replacing your chosen preference with that of the Manjaro homepage (at each Firefox update) has been cause for ongoing concern; especially with newer Manjaro users.

Many people, myself included, consider this to be an annoyance, especially given the frequency of Firefox updates. A single instance of opening the Manjaro homepage would preferable to forcing the default Manjaro homepage every time.

No matter what spin is placed on the reasons behind this practice, it’s still an opinionated and often unwanted intrusion. There are other ways to self-promote including, but not limited to, a strategically placed bookmark, or opening the Manjaro homepage as a one-time courtesy; much as Mozilla does.

Sure, this is easily resolved by uninstalling the manjaro-browser-settings package, and manually changing your homepage back to your own original preferences; but the point is, this should have never needed to be addressed in the first place.

sudo pacman -R manjaro-browser-settings

:endof observation.

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Then why install it? :wink:

(and as you can see … its been complained about for as long as its been around)

It is/was installed by default. I know I didn’t go out of my way to find and install it. :wink:

Edit:- Bah, I hate typo’s when trying to make a point. :laughing:

(Yes, ‘an oldie, but a goodie’, as the expression goes.)

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