How can I remove KDE Connect without leaving any residue?

I want a system that is as minimal as possible (which is why I have also installed Manjaro KDE minimal ISO). What bothers me at the moment is KDE Connect, which I will never use. How can I remove it without leaving any residue and without damaging anything else?

Is sudo pacman -Rns kdeconnect to much?

If you’ve never actually used it, my guess is that there shouldn’t be any files apart from what’s owned by the package. To be certain, search ~/.config for any relevant files.

Though there may be some packages that are dependencies of KDE Connect that won’t get removed so you’ll have to check those manually.

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Hi @Dementus,

You should be safe with:

pamac remove --orphans kdeconnect

And to be absolutely sure, you can remove any user config if present:

rm --recursive ~/.config/kdeconnect

Thanks @beermad , @Mirdarthos

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That seems a bit much, doesn’t it?

pamac remove --orphans kdeconnect                                                          ✔
Abhängigkeiten werden überprüft...
Warnung:  purpose5 benötigt optional kdeconnect: sharing to smartphone via KDE Connect

Wird entfernt (6):
kdeconnect        23.08.5-1                           extra
pulseaudio-qt     1.4.0-1    (Waise von: kdeconnect)  extra
libfakekey        0.3-2      (Waise von: kdeconnect)  extra
kirigami-addons5  0.11.0-7   (Waise von: kdeconnect)  extra
kpeoplevcard      0.1-2      (Waise von: kdeconnect)  extra
kcontacts5        5.115.0-1  (Waise von: kdeconnect)  extra

That’s because3e of the --orphans argument. It adds to the list of things to remove everything not needed by another package. You can omit it if you wish. I only included it because you specified:

…without leaving any residue?

That’s a good thing. I’m just not sure if pulseaudio-qt could still be needed, but since I have PipeWire running, I guess that’s fine. In an emergency, there is always a snapshot (Btrfs) :wink: .

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You could run each one of these separately through:
pacman -Qi packagename

these are only needed by kdeconnect itself or depend on each other
nothing else needs those

I wrongly addressed this to @Mirdarthos , deleted it and posted it again

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While snapshots are cool, in my humble opinion it’s not a replacement for a good backup.

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Sure, but for backups I have Borg/Vorta, the snapshots are only meant for the system itself.

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In principle that should be safe, but it’s always best to double-check each package before going ahead. I have had situations where some of the so-called orphans were actually needed.

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