How can i mount my google drive locally for permanent?

i have tried with rclone. but it is temporary every time i have to mount my drive manually. i want to know how can i mount my google drive and sync for permanent?

i am using linux manjaro xfce

note: i am a new user of linux.

Hi @MinhajBoss, and Welcome!

I was about to suggest rclone, but see you’ve tried it.

If what you want is just to have it mounted on startup, have you considered/tried putting the rclone command used to mount it to run automatically on startup?

What desktop do you use? I know this works on cinnamon

I’m going to take an edjucated guess and say Xfce…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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At least 3 alternatives to Rclone. I hope they will be useful.