How can I know if pihole is working as intended?

I installed FTL and standalone from the aur and rebooted but its notvlije I can know if anything is different. Would it block YouTube ads during video playback? I just put it on my manjaro desktop.

I don’t see a setting to disable secured DNS on chromium and the ads keep coming…

Same is true for every chrome based browser? Pi hole doesnt work as secure DNS blocks piholes adblocking ability? Or bypasses it…

Did you read the arcticle(s) at Arch Linux wiki on Pi-hole?


No but I will. Ty

I have pi hole installed on a pi3 with Debian. It can’t block YouTube ads as they are served from the same domain as the video. It does block ads from other on demand services such as All4 and UKTV Play here in the UK.

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I have blocked some ads on YouTube from coming through but I have to use a non chromium based browser because the secure DNS passes the ads through and chromium no longer has the ability to disable that. Firefox and librewolf arent the only choices. But they are the best browsers maybe…