How can i install UnityHub in Manjaro?

Hello all. I searched in the forum about that but i chouldnt find a solution to install UnityHub in Manjaro linux. Please can you tell me how can install UnityHub in Manjaro linux ?

Hello and welcome to manjaro.

I dont know anything about unityhub.

But it appears to be found in the AUR (Arch User Repository). It may also be available as a flatpak etc.

Here is the wiki on software management in general:

And the introduction to the AUR:

i found in flatpak but i didnt know how can install this. Can you tell me how can install with flatpak ?

The wiki is still your friend.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Pamac gui (add remove software) also supports flatpaks, you have to go to preferences and activate it.
For a beginner i would recommend flatpak over aur.

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