How can I install drivers for Canon LBP6000 on Manjaro?

Hi, I’m a newbie in the linux world and have decided to switch from windows to Manjaro. But I need my printer a lot so its a dealbreaker.

How can I install drivers for Canon LBP6000 on the latest manjaro version?
I’ve tried a few steps I’ve found on the internet for other models but I always run into errors.

A discussion on this webpage [SOLVED] Canon LBP6000 printer with Linux

from long ago, seems to suggest you may need a CAPT driver. There are a couple on the AUR.

AUR (en) - capt-src and here AUR (en) - captdriver-git

I wouldn’t recomment resolving this problem to installing driver from the Arch User Repository (AUR) for newbie; AUR isn’t for a newbie, you need to know what you’re doing and it risks breaking your system.

For newbie, stick with the Manjaro repository stable branch software packages you can get by default when running the GUI software manager Pamac or Octopi (you may see an option to enable AUR in the GUI but really don’t if you’re a newbie!).

What I recommend is to use manjaro-printer:

pamac install manjaro-printer

This package has a CUPS print server application that can detect connected printers and can handle receiving print jobs from applications.

For information on CUPS:

First, you need your add your user account to the group sys:

sudo gpasswd -a YOUR_USERNAME sys

Then you need to enable the CUPS print server (also a service / daemon in this case):

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.socket
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.path

Then you can connect your printer to your LAN or computer and then configure the connected printer by opening a web browser (Firefox or Chrome) and connect to http://localhost:631/.

This http://localhost:631/ is a way to communicate with the runnning CUPS server to configure the CUPS server, example is to find your connected printer and install printer driver.

There’s also a desktop GUI if you don’t prefer to access by web browser, which I’ll give the further link below (I just give the details of how to generally configure and use printer in any GNU/Linux distribution since CUPS is the standard way).

Once you have configured your printer, you should be able to use any application to send a print job (usually in the application GUI, by a print button or some sort) and your printer should be listed.

Refer here for printing reference on Manjaro:

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You’ve gotten wonderful and explicit instructions from @JiaZhang above. But I just want to confirm that you’ve already gone to “System Settings” and tried the “Printers” tab under “Hardware”?

There you can “Add a Printer” and yes, it can take a few moments for all the printer drivers for each brand to populate the choice fields. Be patient and see if your brand and model are available already.

That is all nice and good - but it will not lead to this printer working.
It is just a fact that this printer needs the Canon CAPT driver - available from the AUR.
Setup is not trivial - neither the CUPS interface nor the Manjaro printer tool will be able to the job.
I’ll do some digging - but so can he/she.
I have such a printer (not that exact model) - and have spent some time here explaining the steps needed to make it work.
based upon the Arch wiki:

Canon CAPT - ArchWiki