How can i improve laptop mic?

I have this problem with my internal laptop mic. Many people told me that it sounds like i am talking in a can. Is there any way i can improve my mic to make it at least better than before?

Laptop mics are notorious for being bad quality.

You can try putting it through some noise cancelation or noise gating, but it won’t fix the main issue, which is low quality hardware.


I did try NoiseTorch. It helped with background and general noise cancellation, however it still didn’t improve the quality. PulseEffects causes stutters when i talk, which it’s something i don’t want to have…

This. I’ve interacted with many a Windows user (just to say this isn’t a Linux problem), using built-in mics and they all sound garbage, and often pick up noise from hand rubbing, leg jostling etc.

You can get a lapel mic or a free-standing mic or a headset and they will all sound better. Just do a little legwork before you buy something.