How can I have a both GUI session and a VNC session?

I was able to get Tigervnc running in Manjaro and have a VNC session into it.

But I found out that I could only have a VNC session if I was not running a GUI session at the Manjaro machine where the VNC server was running.

See this earlier post for details: VNC server's systemd service

How could I have both a GUI session at Manjaro and a VNC session into it? (If it matters, my desktop environment is Xfce.)

If that’s impossible, please kindly so advise. Thanks.

That should normally work if both logged-in users are distinct, i.e. if they are separate user accounts.

Ah, thank you.

I was the same user at both GUI and VNC.

When that’s the case, I have to choose one or the other session? Impossible to give the same user both?

Well, I have no experience with VNC and even less so with XFCE, so I don’t know whether either of them supports multiple concurrent logins from the same user. :man_shrugging:

The operating system itself and the X11 display server definitely do both support it — GNU/Linux is a UNIX/POSIX operating system, after all.

This is a limitation of TigerVNC

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Thanks. And nice to have my own observations confirmed by “official” guidance.

Only, the same user account can have simultaneous local and TigerVNC X sessions in Ubuntu (and get two distinct desktops or even desktop environments). Therefore what we found would seem to be a limitation of Arch or Manjaro.

I only add this last bit so a random person landing here does not get thrown off. Perhaps they have Ubuntu.

Imagine the mess when you leave your computer - connect using vnc to the same session - and your wife begins using the system.

That is messy at best

Not a limitation but improvement.

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