How can I get the PKGBUILDs locally for Manjaro?

I know Manjaro sometimes supplies its own PKGBUILDs. How can I get them for modification locally? I know about yay -G but I assume that only looks at Arch ABS.

The PKGBUILD’s for Manjaro can be found on Manjaros Gitlab instance.


mmm, is there no way to fancy get them via some cli tool? Obviously I could git clone, but I mean like yay -G

a little script ? as

url=$(curl -s "$1"|python3 -m json.tool|awk -F'"' '/http_url_to_repo.*org\/packages\/.*'$1'\.git/ {print $4}')
echo "$url"
#curl -Il "$url"
[ -n "$url" ] && git clone -depth 1  "$url"

use gitlab api for find git project

Try out autogit by @pux.

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